Community Participation Supports

People participating in local recreation, leisure and volunteer opportunities in the community.

We link adults who have an intellectual disability to meaningful leisure, recreation, practical learning and volunteer opportunities, with daily activities that are unique to each person’s interests.


Get Involved

Community Participation Supports are based out of the various communities we serve across Essex County. See our map. People participate in activities that reflect their specific interests and abilities.
Support workers provide assistance when needed and are there to inspire, encourage and work to ensure people are able to participate fully and safely in the activities they have chosen.  Examples of Community Participation include:

  • Volunteering at a local organization, church or club
  • Attending an educational course
  • Creating community connections through leisure
  • Fostering friendships
  • Social Connections
  • Developing skills for living
  • Contributing to the community by giving back


Interested in exercise, sportsmanship and recreation in Amherstburg or Essex? Check out the Essex County Heroes Athletic Club!

Purchasing Supports & Services

If you have passport dollars or personal funds to purchase services, contact Drew Smith, Manager, Planning and Technology Supports 519-776-6483 ext. 463 or