Youth in Action: Summer Work Experience

What is Youth in Action?

Youth in Action: Summer Work Experience is a program that will provide students who have an intellectual disability the opportunity to ­find meaningful part-time employment opportunities in their communities! The goal is to provide students the opportunity to earn money during the summer, while adding valuable skills and experiences to their resume.

Students hired by local businesses will be paired with a student job coach, employed by Community Living Essex County. Their role will be to work alongside students and employers to mentor and guide them, ensuring they understand and complete all work related duties.

Why be a part of Youth in Action?

Find out what it’s like to work with a team.
 Add skills and experience to your resume.
 Work alongside a job coach during your shifts.
 Earn money during the summer – and boost your confidence!

You can apply if:

You are a student returning to school in the fall.
 You are between 16 and 29 years old.
 You have a verified intellectual disability.
 You have transportation to and from your place of work.
You have a Social Insurance Number and Bank Account for payroll deposits.
 You are motivated and interested in working during the summer break!

How do I apply?

Space is limited! Download and print the Application Form, or complete the Online Application Form by Thursday April 16th, 2020. The completed application can be emailed to Shelbey Pillon, Manager, Community Living Supports overseeing Career Compass at, or printed and dropped off at our main office or one of our resource centers (specific addresses can be found on our Map & Directions page).

Once we receive your application:

  • Students and families will be contacted for an interview and further follow up.
  • Applicants will be selected based on levels of reliability, motivation and work opportunities available.

Space is limited so apply soon! There will be up to 20 students chosen to participate during the summer of 2020. Please look at the important dates below to ensure you can participate!

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Application Deadline:4pm on Thursday April 16th, 2020
Once you have been confirmed for Youth in Action, don’t forget these important dates.
Interview Week:May 4th - May 8th 2020 (Arrangements can be made around school)
Job Preparation Week:June 30th - July 3rd 2020
Six Week Work Placement:July 5th- August 15th 2020

Click here to register online

Are you an employer looking for summer students? We can help!

Why should my business be a part of Youth in Action?

  • Provide a student with a summer job opportunity to add new skills and experiences to their resume.
  • Have a student job coach on-site to mentor your student employee during their shifts.
  • Have your business highlighted on our social media channels.
  • Be a community leader in inclusive hiring!

To participate, employers must commit to:

  • Hiring a student for a part time 6 week placement.
  • Paying a student minimum wage.
  • Allowing student job coaches to work alongside the student employee they are paired with.

How can my business get involved?

  1. Contact the Career Compass team at 519-776-6483, ext. 211 or by email at
  2. A team member will contact you to get details on your business and the summer job opportunity.
  3. The Career Compass team will match a summer student’s interests and strengths to your job opportunity, ensuring the best possible fit!