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Helping Businesses Navigate an Untapped Labour Pool

Are you a business looking to employ a person with an intellectual disability? Are you ready to move forward with a more diversified and inclusive work culture?

Career CompassCareer Compass can work with your business to help you secure a hard-working, dedicated employee while helping you develop a greater understanding of the abilities of people. Essentially, we want to be an extension of your Human Resources Department and provide you with employees that would best suit your employment needs.

Receive a Lifetime Warranty!

We also provide a “lifetime” warranty on all of the employees you hire through our services. This means that whether it has been days, months, or years after the date of hire we will continue to check in and ensure a positive employer-employee relationship.

We know that an employer’s number one fear of hiring someone with a disability is the possibility of needing to let someone go because they just were not the right fit. At any time we can provide additional job coaching, and ultimately if the employee just isn’t work working out, we provide outplacement services and find you a better suited employee from our job bank, and find your previous employee another job suited to their interests and strengths.

To find out how inclusive hiring can improve your bottom line, read the business case from Ready, Willing & Able.

As an employer, businesses will have the opportunity to:

  • Save time searching for a new employee
  • Find the right person for the right job
  • Hire dedicated, long-term employees
  • Benefit from diversity training
  • Access a job coach, at no cost, to provide on-site training

If you are a business interested in learning more about the opportunity to diversify your workforce, please contact Shelbey Pillon, Manager, Community Living Supports overseeing Career Compass at 519.776.6483 extension 276 or by email at