Career Compass

Career Compass: Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Workforce across Essex County

Career Compass is the name of Community Living Essex County’s modernized Employment Service providing direction to job seekers searching for meaningful employment and guiding employers in inclusive hiring. This is achieved by working with both job seekers and business employers to meet these four criteria:

  • have a direct employment contract with the employee
    utilizing our services;
  • pay the employee at least minimum wage;
  • provide a work space where the employee works
    alongside other employees;
  • and provide a work environment where the employee has the opportunity to be engaged in workplace culture.

Meet the Career Compass Team!

Customer service is a new focus for Career Compass. Providing exceptional customer service experiences to the job seekers and families we work with, but also to the business employers we work with is our priority.

For job seekers, we take the time to learn about each individual person, ensuring the job match is a perfect fit. Our team is always available to job seekers and their families even after meaningful employment has been found. We continue to check in with anyone receiving our services periodically. Workplaces change, and so do people’s interests. If more job coaching or a career change is needed we can help.

Employers can use us as an extension of their Human Resources Department to provide pre-screened candidates that meet their employment needs. We also understand that no employer wants to fire their employees, which is why that fear is alleviated by our outplacement services: if the employee receiving our services simply is not the right fit – we will find them another place of employment and provide you a new employee better suited to that position.

Rosa Amicarelli

Rosa Amicarelli | Director, Community Living Supports overseeing Career Compass

Rosa has been with Community Living Essex County for 27 years. During that time she has held many positions from part-time, full-time, senior support worker, as Manager of Supports overseeing Accommodation Supports and Respite Supports. Rosa is now Director of Supports, and  focuses on the agency’s Employment Services as well as Supported Independent Living.

Shelbey Pillon | Manager, Community Living Supports overseeing Career Compass

Shelbey has been with Community Living Essex County since 2007, working as a direct support professional, Project Manager, Manager, Planning & Technology Supports and now the Manager, Community Living Supports overseeing Career Compass, the agency’s employment services.

Tammy Dalgleish | Employment Support Worker

Tammy has worked for the agency since 1999 in various areas of support. She joined the Career Compass team in the spring of 2015 and is passionate about inclusive employment. Tammy is also the facilitator for jobPath, a pre employment course that launched in January 2016.

Simone Jones | Employment Support Worker

Simone started with Community Living Essex County in 1998. Over the years she has worked in a variety of positions as a front line support staff. In the spring of 2019, she joined the Career Compass team. She provides employment supports mostly in the Kingsville/Leamington area.