Marie’s Story

Marie Lafleur's Story

Marie’s Story

Marie Lafleur

For the past seven years Marie has become an integral part of the Tim Horton’s team developing a reputation as a dedicated worker, with a strong work ethic who takes pride in her duties keeping the store clean and tidy. Having a real job has brought Marie more than just an income. For Marie the power of being included as part of a real work team has provided a huge boost to her believing in herself. I’m not as shy as I used to be states Marie. This job has increased my confidence. Marie adds, I like my job and I like to be productive.

Marie also loves living independently. Her future is looking bright as she plans on increasing her involvement with community groups.

According to Tracy Hunter, Area Manager of the Tim Horton’s Restaurant in Essex, Marie is very proud of what she does and fits right in as part of our team. “Once hired and trained, employees who have disabilities become part of the Tim Horton’s team. They are just like any other employee; they are given specific job tasks and every opportunity to succeed” states Tracy. Tracy adds, “from a business standpoint, to have an employee who enjoys their job and is reliable, well, it just makes good business sense to consider hiring a person with a disability”.