Volunteer Testimonials

Volunteer Fred Mitchell, enjoys a quite moment with his brother in law Chris Kelly at Kingsville Golf and Country Club while waiting to tee off.

Town of Kingsville resident, Fred Mitchell finds comfort and satisfaction when he can walk the beautiful fairways of the Kingsville Golf and Country Club. The game of golf is not only a relaxing activity for the recently retired long time real estate and property appraisal business man but also a passion. His excitement for golf has also provided him an opportunity to give back to the community. Since 2006, Fred has actively used his 53 years of real estate contacts to help connect friends and colleagues to the annual Community Living Essex County Charity Golf Classic fund-raiser.  As a volunteer with the golf event steering committee, Fred has many reasons why he volunteers his time and energy as he combines his passion for golf with his personal desire to give back.

“I’m thrilled to assist Community Living Essex County through my volunteer efforts as they have helped my brother in law Chris over the years with a variety of supports” states Mitchell.  Mitchell adds, “It has been a pleasure to be able to introduce and connect some of my business and golf contacts to the great work being done by Community Living Essex County”.

Over the years, Fred has quietly secured door prizes, sponsors and golfers for the annual Charity Golf Classic. Recently Fred was a recipient of a Volunteer Service Award pin acknowledging his continuous volunteer involvement with Community Living Essex County.

 Fred Mitchell
Volunteering:  Par for the Course

Sylvie and Dan Zompanti and their children were finding it difficult to spend time together.  As a result of their work and school schedules, this family was extremely busy.  Weekends were a nightmare, and not having mutual vacation time was overwhelming for the entire family.  It seemed like the family was destined to spend more time apart.
The Zompanti Family
A ray of hope came nearly 10 years ago when Tony DeSantis, Manager of Community Relations for Community Living Essex County mentioned that he needed help with the Ruthven Apple Festival.  Tony invited Dan to join him on the Steering Committee and immediately things began to happen.

Dan has been instrumental in organizing the festivals popular Farmer’s Market and he persuaded his family to join him in his volunteer efforts.  They agreed and for the entire Apple Fest weekend, the Zompanti family is together. Over the years, their son, Daniel Jr. volunteered with his parents setting up the field on the Friday. Although he has moved away for school and work, he continues to return to the festival to help with his family.

Sylvie helps to sell apple related baked goods at the pie tent.  Their 15 year old twins, Robert and Christopher have been volunteering since they were very young.  They eagerly await the Ruthven Apple Festival and now even invite their friends to join in for a couple of hours.

Volunteering for the Ruthven Apple Festival has brought a new sense of togetherness to the Zompanti family.  It has become a family tradition to volunteer over the entire weekend and has offered many laughs and has created lasting memories.  They are guaranteed to have some fun as a family at least for one weekend a year!

Sylvie states “It is very important to volunteer and give back to the community in any way that you can.  The skills that you learn and the friends that you make are lasting and will most definitely make an impact for others.  We don’t tell our children how important it is…we show them.”

Zompanti Family
Volunteering offers much needed “family time”