Hire a Person with a Disability

At Community Living Essex County we are committed to supporting people with intellectual disabilities in securing opportunities for paid work for all people who want a job…That is REAL JOBS for REAL PAY.

Why hire a person with a disability?

  • According to a DuPont study of employees, those who have a disability scored average, or above average in attendance ratings.
  • A Harris study found that 39 percent of workers who have a disability to be more reliable than other workers.
  • 97 percent of workers who have a disability rate as average to above average in terms of safety on the job.
  • As Employees: People who have disabilities are an untapped labour pool of dedicated and reliable individuals in your community. They work hard, perform well on the job and have excellent attendance ratings.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduce turnover in your staff
  • Reduce time and cost in recruiting new employees
  • Recruitment of dedicated, honest and skilled employees
  • A diverse workforce representing the community

What can Community Living Essex County provide you?

  • We provide a hassle free process, with no detailed paperwork
  • We provide individual, on site job training and follow up supports
  • We help you access federal and provincial government incentives
  • Matching of skills with your needs

Employer Resource Information

If you are a business interested in learning more about the opportunity to provide meaningful employment to someone we support, please contact Derek Roy, Manager of Community Living Supports at 519.776.6483 extension 437 or by email at droy@communitylivingessex.org.