D-Day Wear

D-Day Wear is a Commemorative Military clothing brand that started 17 years ago when the Juno Beach Center opened in Normandy, France. At that time, they said you could buy a name plaque for your Dad or Granddad if they crossed the beach and we thought what about the kids who never had kids that never came off the beach, who was going to honour them? That is why D-Day Wear was created and that is what we did. Over the years, our customers enabled us to donate over $54,000 to the centre. We participated in getting every fallen Canadian honoured with their name beach where they died through the sales of our unique Military/Army t-shirts. We have since switched direction and now focus on promoting awareness and funds to provide Veterans and First Responders suffering from P.T.S.D. with professionally trained service dogs. This will help them overcome the unseen wounds of war and the psychological distress due to the job stress they endure from repeated exposure to traumatic events. We’ve dealt with the past, now we are dealing with the present, so that people can have a future.

Joe Wilson