Volunteers Recognized

The Ontario Volunteer Service Awards are a way for the government to recognize volunteers for their undeniable contributions. The awards including a pin and certificate are also a way to thank volunteers for their continuous years of commitment and dedicated service to a group. This year, six adults and three youth volunteers from our organization were recognized last night at a formal event in Windsor: They included: 5 years: Jack Lecot- Ruthven Apple Festival Car Show, Gary and Donna Johnson-Ruthven Apple Festival, Ron Giofu-Board Member, Hitomi Oishi-Price-ebingo. 10 years- Sylvie Zompanti -Ruthven Apple Festival. Youth-10 years: Robert Zompanti, Daniel Zompanti and Christophe Zompanti- Ruthven Apple Festival.

In photo: Ron Giofu, Hitomi Oishi-Price and Gary and Donna Johnson