Goals and Priorities

Making REAL Change Our Reality

The Board of Directors, together with families, people supported, employees and community input, has considered and shaped the Strategic Directions. These Directions confirm our goals and priorities for 2016 – 2021.

Strategic Directions 2021-2026 (PDF)

Improve access to services for people requiring support and their families

  • provide easy access to clear and meaningful information about supports and services
  • facilitate connections between families to improve access to quality services
  • continue advocacy and action towards the full inclusion of all people in community
  • provide leadership in creatively addressing unmet needs

Offer people requiring support and their families innovative, flexible and affordable support

  • develop and provide marketable short break/respite options that are driven by the needs and requests of families and people requiring support
  • design and offer innovative accommodation options that embrace natural support and self-determination
  • provide life long learning options that fulfill social, educational, and employment needs
  • lead the development and improved use of community/ existing transportation resources to affordably get people where they want to go

Design a responsive and sustainable business model

  • create mechanisms for growth that enable the organization to develop responsive action plans and to evaluate success
  • diversify and increase revenue
  • develop structures that enable families to easily purchase affordable services using individualized or other funding
  • establish communication and marketing strategies that reach all audiences
  • identify and plan for changes in the local labour market and broader labour environment

Provide leadership and innovation in a modernized Developmental Services Sector

  • strengthen existing and develop new partnerships to create strategies for innovative and inclusive support
  • find creative answers to address loneliness, poverty and the lack of affordable housing
  • initiate a Centre for Innovation and Quality Supports that identifies trends, transitions and transformations that sustain a modernized sector